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Condominium Act

Article 1 General Provisions
33-1201 Applicability
33-1202 Definitions
33-1203 Variation
33-1204 Separate titles and taxation
33-1205 Applicability of local ordinances, rules and building codes
33-1206 Eminent domain
33-1207 Severability

Article 2 Creation, Alteration and Termination of Condominiums
33-1211 Creation of condominium
33-1212 Unit boundaries
33-1213 Construction and validity of declaration and bylaws
33-1214 Description of units
33-1215 Contents of declaration
33-1216 Leasehold condominiums
33-1217 Allocation of common element interests, votes and common expense liabilities
33-1218 Limited common elements
33-1219 Plat
33-1220 Exercise of development rights
33-1221 Alterations of units
33-1222 Relocation of boundaries between adjoining units
33-1223 Subdivision of units
33-1224 Easement for encroachments
33-1225 Use for sale purposes
33-1226 Easement to facilitate exercise of special declarant rights
33-1227 Amendment of declaration
33-1228 Termination of condominium
33-1229 Rights of secured lenders
33-1230 Merger or consolidation of condominiums

Article 3 Management of the Condominium
33-1241 Organization of unit owners' association
33-1242 Powers of unit owners' association; notice to unit owner of violation
33-1243 Board of directors and officers; conflict; powers; limitations; removal; annual audit; applicability
33-1244 Transfer of special declarant rights
33-1245 Termination of contracts and leases of declarant; applicability
33-1246 Bylaws
33-1247 Upkeep of the condominium
33-1248 Open meetings; exceptions
33-1249 Quorums; applicability
33-1250 Voting; proxies; absentee ballots; applicability; definition
33-1251 Tort and contract liability
33-1252 Conveyance or encumbrance of common elements
33-1252.01 Conveyance of certain real property
33-1253 Insurance
33-1254 Surplus monies
33-1255 Assessments for common expenses; applicability
33-1256 Lien for assessments; priority; mechanics' and materialmen's liens; applicability
33-1257 Other liens affecting the condominium
33-1258 Association financial and other records; applicability
33-1259 Association as trustee
33-1260 Resale of units; information required; fees; civil penalty; applicability; definition
33-1260.01 Rental property; unit owner and agent information; fee; disclosure
33-1261 Flag display; for sale, rent or lease signs; political signs and activities; applicability

Article 4 Administration of the Condominium Act
33-1270 Department of real estate; enforcement
Planned Community Act

Article 1 General Provisions
33-1801 Applicability; exemption
33-1802 Definitions
33-1803 Assessment limitation; penalties; notice to member of violation
33-1804 Open meetings; exceptions
33-1805 Association financial and other records
33-1806 Resale of units; information required; fees; civil penalty; definition
33-1806.01 Rental property; member and agent information; fee; disclosure
33-1807 Lien for assessments; priority; mechanics' and materialmen's liens
33-1808 Flag display; political signs; caution signs; for sale, rent or lease signs; political activities
33-1809 Parking; public service and public safety emergency vehicles; definition
33-1810 Board of directors; annual audit
33-1811 Board of directors; contracts; conflict
33-1812 Proxies; absentee ballots; definition
33-1813 Removal of board member; special meeting
33-1814 Slum property; professional management
33-1815 Association authority; commercial signage
33-1816 Solar energy devices; reasonable restrictions; fees and cost
33-1817 Declaration amendment; design, architectural committees; review.
33-1818 Community authority over public roadways; applicability
33-1819 Artificial turf ban; prohibition; restrictions; attorney fees; applicability
Timeshare Act

Article 1 General Provisions
33-2201 Application
33-2202 Definitions
33-2203 Management of timeshare plan and timeshare property
33-2204 Powers of board; limitations; period of developer control; election of directors and officers; removal of directors
33-2205 Quorums; votes
33-2206 Duties of the managing entity
33-2207 Foreclosure of assessment liens
33-2208 Association open meetings; exceptions; notices
33-2209 Financial and other records
33-2210 List of owners
33-2211 Trustee's sale of timeshare estates; notice; cure; notice to prevent sale; definitions

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